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MC10114P Motorola 1349
MC10H125L Motorola 1775 MECL-to-TTL translator
MC11 Motorola inquire
MC14015BCP Motorola 1020 I/C,CMOS(16PIN)
MC1403AU Motorola inquire
MC1403U Motorola inquire Voltage ref,SOP-8
MC14043B Motorola inquire S-R-Type Latch
MC14066BCP Motorola inquire SPST Anal-Switch(Dip-14)
MC14073BCP Motorola 1060 Buffered quad 2-input
MC14077BCP Motorola inquire Log cmos D flip flop Quad
MC14078B Motorola inquire Sin- 8-input N- Gate
MC14099BCP Motorola inquire Latch 8BIT
MC14161B Motorola 195
MC14175BCP Motorola inquire Quad D-Type Flip-Flp
MC14410P Motorola 112
MC14490P Motorola inquire Log Cmos bounce elim
MC14503BCP Motorola 204 Log cmos bus intrf hex
MC14518BCP Motorola 500 Syn-up counter
MC1451BCP Motorola inquire
MC14528B Motorola inquire M-stable Multivibrator
MC14532B Motorola 172 Encoder (SOP,16)
MC14539BCP Motorola inquire I/C CMOS (16Pin)
MC145488FN Motorola inquire Data Link Controller
MC145502L Motorola inquire
MC145502P Motorola inquire Pcm codec-filter
MC14551BCP Motorola inquire Log cmos multiplexer quad
MC14584B Motorola inquire
MC14858BCP Motorola inquire Magnitu-comp cmos
MC1488P ST inquire Line Driver (DIP-14)
MC1489AP Motorola inquire Line Receiver (DIP-14)
MC34018P Motorola inquire Switch DIP28
MC3423P1 Motorola inquire
MC54HC540J Motorola inquire
MC68000P10 Motorola inquire 16-bit MPU, 10 Mhz
MC68000P12 Motorola inquire 16-bit MPU, 10 Mhz
MC68000P8 Motorola 115
MC68008P10 Motorola inquire
MC68010RC10 Motorola inquire Microprocessor
MC68030RC33C Motorola inquire
MC68185FNR2 Motorola 171
MC68360CEM25K Motorola inquire 25 MHz
MC68360FE25C Motorolla 108
MC68360FE25C Motorola inquire Comm cont, 32 bit
MC68360FE25C Motorola inquire
MC6854P Motorola inquire
MC68681P Motorola inquire
MC68A54P Motorola inquire
MC68B09EP Motorolla 220 8-bit Microprocessor
MC68B52P Motorolla inquire
MC68EC020FG16 Motorola inquire Microprocessor
MC68EN360CEM25K Motorola 180
MC68HC11A1FN Motorola inquire
MC68HC705C8ACP Motorola inquire MCU 4MHZ 8K
MC74HC00AN Motorola 1007
MC74HC04AN Motorola 500 Hex Inverter dip-14
MC74HC125AN Motorola 384 Log cmos,4 bit
MC74HC157AN NSC inquire Quad Multiplexer
MC74HC165 Motorola 223 Shift Register (DIP-16)
MC74HC175N Motorola inquire Flip flop quad cmos
MC74HC175N Motorola 140 Flip flop quad cmos
MC74HC240AN Motorolla 500 Buffer/line driver
MC74HC251D 295 8-input Multiplexer
MC74HC273AN Motorola 500 Octal D flip-flop
MC74HC32AN NSC 700 Quad 2-input or gate
MC74HC373AN Motorola 1500 Latch DIP20
MC74HC374AN Motorola 108 Flip Flop
MC74HC4040N Motorola 169 CMOS HS 12BIT
MC74HC4051N Motorola inquire Multiplexer
MC74HC4075N Motorola 190
MC74HC51P Motorola 191
MC74HC86N Motorola 359 Cmos 16PDIP
MC74HCT04AN Motorola 500 Hex inverter cmos
MC74HCT08AN Motorola inquire Quad 2-input N- Gate
MC74HCT138AN Motorola inquire
MC7812CT Motorola 109 Voltage regulator
MC88100RC33 Motorola inquire PGA
MC88200RC33 Motorola inquire PGA
MCM2716C35 Motorola inquire
MCM63F733ATQ10 Motorola 600
MCM67A618AFN10 Motorola inquire
MCM67A618AFN10 Motorola 1177 SRAM 64Kx18Bit
MCM67A618FN10 Motorola 150
MCM68766C Motorola 180
MCM69P737ZP3.5 Motorola 482
MCM69P737ZP35 Motorola 482
MCR03EZHMJW360 Rohm 90000
MCR1A2674FT RCD 6000 SMD Res,2.67m (T&R)
MCR1A2674-FT RCD 6000 SMD Res,2.67m (T&R)
MCR1A-3.65M RCD 23000 SM Resistor
MCR1A365M RCD 23000 SM Resistor
MD50BT74PC62 Nortel 940 Lazer connector
MD50BT-74PC62 Nortel 940 Lazer connector
MDP1603151G Dale 300 Resistor
MDP1603-151G Dale 300 Resistor
MIC29152BT Micrel inquire
MIC29502BU Micrel 684 Voltage regulator
MICRO1A272 Littlefuse inquire Fuse 125V AC/DC
MJE172 SGS inquire Pwr Sil Pnp BJT TO-126
MK4564N15 Mostek inquire
MK4564N-15 Mostek inquire
MKS4 /0.1/400 Wima 1095 Cap Film Rad
MKS4-0.1-400-10V Wima 1095 capacitor
MKS401400 Wima 1095 Cap Film Rad
MKS40140010V Wima 1095 capacitor
MKT1818.47/100V ERO 2000 Film Capacitor
MKT1818100DC ERO 894 Film Capacitor
MKT181847100V ERO 2000 Film Capacitor
MKT1822-0.68J100 ERO 493 Capacitor
MKT1822068J100 ERO 493 Capacitor
MKT1822-547/014 ERO 328 Cap,4.7/100v,5%
MKT1822547014 ERO 328 Cap,4.7/100v,5%
MKT1822547015 ERO 340
MKT1822-547-015 ERO 340
MKT1862/2.2/J250 ERO 121 Cap Film Rad
MKT186222J250 ERO 121 Cap Film Rad
ML8205AE Mitel inquire
MLED71 Motorola 151
MM1451BCN NSC inquire
MM2114N-2 NSC inquire
MM74C157N NSC 175 Digital M-plexer
MM74C174N NSC 120 Hex D-Type ,Cmos
MM74C175N NSC inquire Quad D-Type DIP,16
MM74C244N NSC inquire 4-Bit Buf/Dr
MM74C42N NSC inquire Decoder/Driver(DIP-16)
MM74C93N NSC inquire 4-bit binary counter
MM74HC03N NSC 500 Quad 2-input nand Gate
MM74HC04N NSC 500 Hex Inverter dip-14
MM74HC08N NSC 1500 Quad 2-input and gate
MM74HC154N NSC inquire 4 16 Line Decoder
MM74HC240N NSC 500 Buffer/line driver
MM74HC241N NSC 500 Octal Buffer/Line Dr
MM74HC245AN NSC inquire Bus trans 8-bit
MM74HC32N NSC 700 Quad 2-input or gate
MM74HC373N NSC 450 D-Type Latch
MM74HC393N NSC 761 Counter-up 4-bit DIP14
MM74HC4078N NSC 200
MM74HC51N NSC inquire
MM74HC623N NSC 2000 Octal Bus Trans
MMBTA13 NSC 8900 SM Transistor
MMBZ5248BLT1 Motorola 6000
MMP2W2P2K Cornell Dubilier 192 Axial Capacitor
MN4585B Panasonic inquire
MOC3010SR2 QT Opto 2700 6-pin SMD
MP010/1.000 CTS inquire Crystal
MP0101000 CTS inquire Crystal
MP1 M-Tron 179 Crystal
MP-1 M-Tron 179 Crystal
MP30-Y-4700/250/20 Wima 1475
MP30Y470025020 Wima 1475
MPC106ARX66CG Motorola 482
MPC106ARX83DG Motorola inquire
MPC603RRX266LC Motorola 482
MPC750ARX266LH Motorola 537
MPSA05 Motorola 3851 Transistor,bipolar junc L/F
MPSA75 Phill 149 Transistor
MR10N15 NEC inquire Relay
MR10-N15 NEC inquire Relay
MR60224FSR NEC inquire
MR602-24FSR NEC inquire
MRCBTB08400C ST 250 Transistor
MRCBTB08-400C ST 250 Transistor
MRD701 Motorola 659 Photo red transistor
MS3102R2428SW Bendix inquire Receptacle
MS3102R24-28SW Bendix inquire Receptacle
MS9037624R Caplugs inquire Receptacle cap covers
MS90376-24R Caplugs inquire Receptacle cap covers
MSM6258VRS Oki Data inquire
MT125910 Micron inquire
MT1259-10 Micron inquire
MT8816AP Mitel 163 Analog switch
MT8860XC Mitel inquire Dtmf dip 18 ceramic
MT8860XE Mitel inquire DTMF REC (DIP-18)
MT8865XC Mitel inquire
MT8870BC Mitel inquire 18pin Dip
MT8870BE Mitel inquire DTMF Receiver DIP18
MTP50P03HDL Motorola inquire MOSFET
MURD620CTT4 On Semi 2000 MOSFET
MV2111 Motorola 1000 Transistor
MV8804 Plessy 15000 Diode array
MXT3010EPA 300
MXT3010EP-A 300
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