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N28F001BNT120 Intel inquire
N28F001BN-T120 Intel inquire
N28F001BNT150 Intel inquire
N28F001BN-T150 Intel inquire
N28F001BXT120 Intel 587
N28F001BX-T120 Intel 587
N28F010120 Intel inquire
N28F010-120 Intel inquire
N28F010150 Intel 626
N28F010-150 Intel 626
N28F010200 Intel inquire
N28F010-200 Intel inquire
N28F256A200 Intel inquire
N28F256A-200 Intel inquire
N28F512120 Intel inquire
N28F512-120 Intel inquire
N30226L75B Leoco 168
N302-26L75B Leoco 168
N80186 AMD inquire
N8028610 Intel 239
N80286-10 Intel 239
N80960SA16 Intel inquire
N80960SA-16 Intel inquire
N80960SA20 Intel inquire
N80960SA-20 Intel inquire
N80960SB16 Intel inquire
N80960SB-16 Intel inquire
N80C18612 AMD inquire
N80C186-12 AMD inquire
N80C188 Intel inquire Microprocessor
N80C188(I) Intel inquire
N80C18812 Intel inquire Microprocessor
N80C18812 AMD inquire Microprocessor
N80C188-12 Intel inquire Microprocessor
N80C188-12 AMD inquire Microprocessor
N80C188CL20 406
N80C188XL10 Intel inquire Microprocessor
N80C188XL12 Intel inquire Microprocessor
N80C188XL12 Intel inquire
N80C188XL-12 Intel inquire
N80C188XL20 Intel inquire 16-Bit MPU
N82077SL Intel 1656
N82586 Intel inquire
N8259A2 Intel/AMD 2810
N8259A-2 AMD 405
N8259A-2(I) Intel 2405
N82S191CA Philips inquire
N87C196KD20 Intel inquire
N88C188 Intel inquire
N89C026XE Intel inquire
N8F010120 Intel 115
N8F010-120 Intel 115
N8T125N Signetics inquire
NAE10M100V6X16TB NIC 780 Cap, axl,10u-100v,20%
NAM105K250 NIC 4000 Cap, axial,1uf,10%,150v
NC2DPDC12V Aromat 3500 NC-Relay
NC2D-P-DC12V Aromat 3500 NC-Relay
NDP6030PL Fairchild 1445 MOSFET
NE571N Signetics inquire
NFC1548S054 CP 900 Power converter
NFC15-48S05-4 CP 900 Power converter
NG80386DX33 Intel inquire
NM27C128Q200 NSC 130
NM27C128Q-200 NSC 130
NMC2148HJ3 NSC 280
NMC2148HJ-3 NSC 280
NMC27C16Q35 NSC inquire EPROM
NMC27C16Q-35 NSC inquire EPROM
NMC27C64Q15 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q-15 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q150 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q-150 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q200 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q-200 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q250 NSC 163 EPROM
NMC27C64Q250 NSC inquire
NMC27C64Q-250 NSC 163 EPROM
NMC27C64Q-250 NSC inquire
NRC12F2743TR NIC 5000 Resistors,274k,1% (T&R)
NRSA101M25V6.3X11 Nippon 156 Cap,el,100uf,20%,25v
NRSA101M25V63X11 Nippon 156 Cap,el,100uf,20%,25v
NRSA4R7M100V5X11TB Nippon 1000 Cap,el,4.7uf,100v
NS8250AN NSC inquire
NS8250N NSC inquire
NTH574AAT Pulse 1950
NTT404AA Pulse inquire
NYP03912K Nymph inquire C- 3.93216
NYP039-12K Nymph inquire C- 3.93216
OBS025ZG Intl. Power Dev. 191 DC/DC converter
OP42620 Magnetics inquire Transformer
OPT2250-5.0-SC Optocom 400
OPT225050SC Optocom 400
OR2C04A3T144 Orca inquire
OR2C04A-3T144 Orca inquire
OR2C12A4M84 Orca inquire
OR2C12A-4M84 Orca inquire
OR2C15A2 Orca inquire PGA
OR2C15A-2 Orca inquire PGA
OR2C15A3 Orca inquire PGA
OR2C15A-3 Orca inquire PGA
OR2C15A3S208I Orca inquire PGA
OR2C15A-3S208I Orca inquire PGA
OR2C26A2BA352DB Lucent inquire Dry pack in trays
OR2C26A2BA352-DB Lucent inquire Dry pack in trays
OR2C26A3BA352I Orca inquire
OR2C26A-3BA352I Orca inquire
P1GAU inquire
P1K Bourne inquire Trimmer
P2111A2 AMD inquire
P2111A-2 AMD inquire
P25K Bourns inquire
P-25K Bourns inquire
P28F001BXT120 Intel inquire 1Meg Flash-120ns
P28F001BXT150 Intel inquire 1Meg Flash-150ns
P28F010150 Intel inquire Flash DIP-322
P28F010150 Intel inquire
P28F010-150 Intel inquire Flash DIP-322
P28F010-150 Intel inquire
P29PCT52APC PERF inquire
P51256SL Intel inquire
P51256SL Intel inquire
P51256SL10 Intel inquire
P51256SL-10 Intel inquire
P675 Bulgin inquire AC- outlet
P6KE250CA GI 4000 Unidir-Trans sup do-204ac
P74PCT480BPC PERF inquire
P8031AH Intel inquire Microcontroller
P8088 Intel inquire
P80C31BH Intel inquire IC,40Pdip,8 bit,
P8156H Intel inquire
P8226 Intel inquire
P8251A Intel inquire Comm Interface(DIP-28)
P82535 Intel inquire
P8253-5 AMD inquire
P8253-5 Intel inquire
P8255 NSC inquire
P8273 Intel inquire
P8286 AMD inquire Bus-trans,8-bit
P8291A Intel inquire
P87C51 Intel inquire IC,40Pdip,8 bit,
PA28F008SA120 Intel inquire
PA28F008SA-120 Intel inquire
PA28F200BVT80 Intel inquire
PA28F200BXT80 Intel inquire
PA28F200BXT80 Intel inquire
PA28F200BX-T80 Intel inquire
PA28F200BX-T80 Intel inquire
PA70242 ICT 112 FPGA
PA7024-2 ICT 112 FPGA
PAH50S48-5/PV3 Densei-Lambda 25000
PAH50S485PV3 Densei-Lambda 25000
PAH75D48-5033/V Lambda inquire
PAH75D485033V Lambda inquire
PAL16L8A2NC 3809
PAL16R4BCN MMI inquire
PAL20L810PC AMD 251
PAL20L810PC AMD 251
PAL20L8-10PC AMD 251
PAL20L8-10PC AMD 251
PALC22V10D10PC Cypress 338
PALC22V10D-10PC Cypress 338
PALCE16V8Q25 AMD 134 Type, Cmos
PALCE16V8Q-25 AMD 134 Type, Cmos
PALCE22V10H-10PC/5 AMD 244 22(inp),10(out)5v
PALCE22V10H10PC5 AMD 244 22(inp),10(out)5v
PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 AMD 849 EE CMOS Versatile PAL
PALCE22V10H15PC4 AMD 849 EE CMOS Versatile PAL
PALCE29MA16H-25DC AMD inquire 0 to +70
PALCE29MA16H-25DC AMD inquire
PALCE29MA16H-25PC/4 AMD inquire
PBYR745 Philips 3550 Rectifier diode
PBYR745 Philips 1000
PC8250DN NSC inquire
PCF8584 400
PCI1251BGFN TI 1200PCI/PCI contr. 256BGA
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