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S1006F1 Teccor 1740 Transistor
S1720TMF Harris inquire Receptacle
S1720-TMF Harris inquire Receptacle
S20K320 Epcos 520
S27C64A120 Signetics inquire
S27C64A20FA Signetics 455
S27C64A-20FA Signetics 455
S553 Sumida 660
S5933Q AMCC inquire
S5933QC AMCC inquire
S5933QE AMCC inquire
S61R 107
S62R inquire
S82375EB Intel inquire
SA102A131JAA AVX 7500 Rad/Ax/Pcb mount cer-cap
SA5.0A Motorola inquire Diode
SA50A Motorola inquire Diode
SA571N Philips inquire Compandor
SA803531 800
SA-80353-1 800
SAA5246 417
SAB802861A Siemens inquire
SAB80286-1-A Siemens inquire
SAB80286A Siemens inquire
SAB80286-A Siemens inquire
SAB8085AHP Siemens 770
SAB8085AH-P Siemens 770
SAB82538H10 Siemens 540
SAB82538H-10 Siemens 540
SAB82538H10-V3.1 Siemens 540
SAB82538H10V31 Siemens 540
SB82371FB Intel 1264
SB82437VX Intel 1327
SC11004CN Sierra 628
SC11014CN Sierra inquire
SC26C562C1A Philips 461
SC26C562C1A Signetics inquire CMOS univ. serial com.
SC26C562C1A(P) Philips 219
SC3506Q AMCC inquire Clock driver
SC3506Q1 AMCC inquire Clock driver
SC3506Q-1 AMCC inquire Clock driver
SC80C3131A Signetics inquire
SC80C31BCCN40 Philips inquire Microcontroller
SC80C31BCCN40 Signetics inquire Microcontroller
SC87C51CCN40 Signetics inquire Microcontroller
SCC2692AC1A44 Philips inquire UART,CMOS
SCC2698AC1A84 Signetics inquire Cmos octal uart
SCC2698BC1A84 Signetics/Phil inquire Cmos octal uart
SCL4022BE SSS inquire 16pin Dip
SCL4075BE SSS inquire
SCN26562C4A52(P) Philips inquire
SDM7392XC Sumitomo Electric 180
SDM7392-XC Sumitomo Electric 180
SDT7014S20JI SDT inquire
SDT74FCT841ASO SDT 139 CMOS bus interface
SG1846J Linfinity Inc inquire CUR- MODE PWMS
SG51K Epson 430 12.0000Mhz Crystal osc.
SG8002JA Epson 490 41.000000Mhz Crys.Osc.
SG-8002JA Epson 490 41.000000Mhz Crys.Osc.
SITP0104 ST 829 Transistor
SITP2535 ST 682 Transistor
SJ6422 Motorola 3650
SL486 Plessy 140 Switching Regulators
SLF12565T470M2R4 TDK 3930 Magnetic ind.47uh
SLF12565T-470M2R4 TDK 3930 Magnetic ind.47uh
SM2284 Semlab 1000 RES, 1ohm,.1%, 3w, 4Ld
SM228-4 Semlab 1000 RES, 1ohm,.1%, 3w, 4Ld
SME250T10RM10X25LL United Chemi- 200 Capacitor, axial ,10uf,20%
SME25T472M18X40LL United Chem (Rubycon) 149 Axial Capacitor
SN5407J TI inquire Hex Inverter
SN74154N TI inquire Demultiplexer
SN7447AN TI 108 Decoder/Driver DIP,16
SN74ACT8841AGC TI inquire
SN74ALS02N TI 129 Quad 2-input N- Gate
SN74ALS03BN TI inquire
SN74ALS04BN TI inquire Hex Inverter DIP,14
SN74ALS08N TI 1000
SN74ALS245AN 144
SN74ALS257N TI inquire
SN74ALS374DW inquire
SN74ALS374N TI 270
SN74ALS574B inquire
SN74ALS74AN TI 470
SN74ALS756-1N inquire
SN74ALS869 inquire
SN74ALS86N TI inquire
SN74AS00N TI inquire
SN74AS02N TI 300
SN74AS1000AD TI inquire
SN74AS1000AN TI inquire
SN74AS1804N TI 280
SN74AS245N TI inquire
SN74AS352NT TI inquire
SN74AS374N TI inquire
SN74AS74N TI 161
SN74AS757N TI inquire
SN74AS821FN TI inquire
SN74AS841FN TI inquire
SN74AS841NT TI 123
SN74AS843FN TI 152
SN74AS869NT TI inquire
SN74AS876NT TI inquire
SN74AS878NT TI 310
SN74AS879NT TI 148
SN74F74DR TI 2500
SN74FB2040RC TI 2784
SN74H11N TI 2075
SN74HC03N TI 500 Quad 2-input nand Gate
SN74HC112N TI 150 J-K-Type Flip-Flop
SN74HC154NT TI 113 Line Decoder
SN74HC157N TI inquire Logic mux quad
SN74HC251D 514 8-input Multiplexer
SN74HC266N TI inquire Quad 2-in(xnor) Gate
SN74HC273N TI 500 Octal D flip-flop
SN74HC32N TI 500 Quadruple 2-input or gate
SN74HCT244N TI 122 Dual 4-bit cmos dip 20pin pls
SN74HCT245N TI 374 Bus trans 8-bit
SN74HCT74N TI 159 Dual Positive-Edge-Trig F/F
SN74LS02N TI inquire Quad 2-input N- Gate
SN74LS04N TI 153 Hex inverter cmos
SN74LS04N TI 300
SN74LS04N Motorola 1000
SN74LS08N Motorola 8500
SN74LS122N Motorola inquire
SN74LS126AN Motorola inquire 4-Bit Buffer/Driver
SN74LS174N Motorola inquire
SN74LS259N Motorola 325 D-Type Latch DIP16
SN74LS260N Motorola 280 Dual 5-input N-Gate,Dip-14
SN74LS266N Motorola inquire
SN74LS30N TI 160 Sin- 8-input N- Gate
SN74LS32N TI 691 Quad 2-input nor-gate
SN74LS33N TI 109 Quad 2-in nor gate
SN74LS366AN TI 223 16pin Dip
SN74LS366AN Motorola 250
SN74LS93N Motorola inquire 4-Bit Binary Counter
SN74S1053N TI 249
SN74S260N TI 2000
SN74S74N TI inquire
SN75172N TI 145 Quad Diff Line dr/lin int.
SN75175DR2 Motorola 5000 Line Receiver 0+70
SNE5180N Signetics inquire
SP20R68 IRC 770 Resistor
SP20-R68 IRC 770 Resistor
SP241AET Sipex inquire Line trans,SMD 28p,
SP310ACT SIPEX inquire SMD-8B 18P Dual dr/rec
SP3232EHCY Sipex 299 TSSOP Transceivers
SR201C682KAATR AVX 1000 Radial Mono Cap,100v
SRC03 OPC inquire
SRC-03 OPC inquire
SRC03PSTAP OPC inquire
SRC-03-PST-A-P OPC inquire
SRC12 OCP inquire
SRC-12 OCP inquire
SRC12PFCA OPC inquire
SRC-12-PFC-A OPC inquire
SRDA3.3-4.TB Semtech Corp 500 Diode array T/R
SRDA334TB Semtech Corp 500 Diode array T/R
SRM20256LC10 SRM inquire
SRM20256LCT10 SRM 1000
SRM2264LC10 Epson inquire SRAM, 0 to +70
SRM2264LC10 SRM inquire SRAM
SRM2264LC12 SRM inquire SRAM
SRM2264LC90 SRM inquire SRAM
ST10026QE Level One inquire
ST16C2552CJCC XR / Startech 150 DualUart with FIFO
ST16C452CJ Startech inquire UART
STX03 OPC inquire
STX-03 OPC inquire
STX03PSTAL3 OPC inquire
STX-03-PST-A-L3 OPC inquire
STX12 OPC inquire
STX-12 OPC inquire
STX-12-PFC-A-L3-IR OPC inquire
SXL122 Mallory inquire Axial Capacitor
SXL133 Mallory 200 Axial Capacitor
SXL310 Mallory 142 Capacitor
SXL347 Mallory inquire Axial Capacitor
SY100S325JC Synergy 380 0 to + 70
SZ9201 AX inquire
T1142 Pulse 1200
T1273T Pulse 250
T27C64-20 Intel inquire
T362B475M035AS Kemet 618 Cap, tan4.7uf,20%35v
T491C475K035AS Kemet 850 Tantalum cap 35v
T5.5-12V-50MA Taunuslicht 454 Telephone lamps
T55-02M Cherry inquire Switch
T5512V50MA Taunuslicht 454 Telephone lamps
T6TT4XB0002 Timetra 1000
T6TT4XB-0002 Timetra 1000
T74LS03B1 SGS inquire
T74LS04B1 SGS inquire Logic gate hex inverter
T74LS174 ST 116 Hex D-Type Flip-Flop
T74LS259B1 SGS inquire D-Type Latch DIP,16
T74LS30B1 SGS inquire 8 INPUT N- GATE
T74LS86B1 SGS 115
TAP105K035HSB AVX 2300 Tantalum cap
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